Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rotten eggs flung at Sungai Machang Hilir Umno meeting

Mon, Sep 01, 2008
The New Straits Times

SEREMBAN, MALAYSIA: The Sungai Machang Hilir Umno branch meeting turned chaotic on Friday as members began pushing and shoving each other, some even resorting to throwing rotten eggs.

The meeting, which was opened by Seremban Umno division vice-chief Md Nor Awang at 3pm, became unruly after a group among the 127 members began protesting over some financial statements, delays in receiving notices for the meeting and the loss of 40 new membership forms.

As soon as the situation became chaotic, an observer, Kamaruddin Malan, advised the chairman to adjourn the meeting.

"I was disappointed when the chairman insisted on continuing with the meeting and nominations.

"I told him that a decision would be difficult to come by in such chaos, but he insisted."

He said the situation worsened when some members began throwing rotten eggs.

"Some party members and I tried to get the women and children out of the hall."

Kamaruddin said he then contacted Seremban Umno division chief Datuk Ishak Ismail, who agreed that the meeting should be postponed.

"Despite all this, the chairman was adamant the meeting should continue.

"I walked out of the meeting and lodged a report at the Lenggeng police station," he said.