Monday, October 13, 2008

The ghost is running wild in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today

The ghost is running wild in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today


It is like the title of another ghost story or filem seram or cerita seram of Mastika. Ghost has been there with us, seldom seen but very much felt and feared.

Mastika used to be a sought after digest for students decades ago. There were alot of academic essays then, but now Mastika is different. Too heavy on cerita seram dan sensasi.

Malaysiakini find it necessary to post an interesting highlight from an article in Malaysia Today, Altantuya-Najib allegations resurface on Oct 12, 2008.

She was dead and Razak Baginda and two others had been in court for months to ascertain who kill her. Shall we let the court to sit and conclude? For all we know, Razak Baginda is very cool throughout the court hearings, but he lost his cool once as reported by crankshafted here. I highlighted this in one of my earlier posting .

Yes, the ghost is running wild but not all about seeking the truth. Some quarters put on their x-ray visors trying hard on a witch hunting trip. Regular kopitiam friends likened the issue as yet another battle cry of starvation in Baling.

Shall we let the ghosts have some peace, as what we had done on Canny Ong and Najib's case. It would probably be best to go on with life on the present tense. Some incidents are best left behind even though some of us are eager to ressurrect the grand old days of Anwar.

To Anwar, RIP means Rest in Peace. Bersemadi. Let us live in the present tense and pave the way for a brighter future.

A malay proverb put it down as a warning
Kerana pulut santan binasa,
Kerana mulut badan binasa.

- beritadarigunung

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