Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mengulas Malaysiakini: Najib must turn to senior leaders,Dr Mahathir.

(dibawah ini ada ulasan dari beritadarigunung untuk item dari Malaysiakini bertajuk "Najib must turn to senior leaders:Dr M")

From Malaysiakini:

Najib must turn to senior leaders :Dr M
Wong Choon Mei | Oct 12
The outspoken comments from ex-premier Mahathir may send a shiver across a large section of the country, fearing a return to an oppressive rule.MORE


Critics said Najib’s rise to power would also see the return of Mahathir to political centre stage, probably as a tenured advisor to the government.

"I welcome the departure of Abdullah and am ready to give advise to the new government," Mahathir told local reporters after confirming that Abdullah was leaving.

What so wrong about Mahathir's statement? To put it in a simplistic manner, is like sending the first son to his first job. Dad will understand that the son will turn to him whenever there is problem especially financially. Just to clear up the air, Dad will say it loud " Just give me a call, if something crop up".

Somehow we have to accept the fact that it will be much better to ask a senior guy than to be dependant on youngsters. Running a country require much wisdom and correct perspective.

To put things straight, Lee Kuan Yew is much harsher and opposition across Selat Tebrau cant move an inch forward, and Tun Mahathir is mild to my standard. The fact is development and civilisation owed a lot to strong leaders compared to weaklings.

- beritadarigunung