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He’s competent, professional, smart, approachable, talkative and a quietly confident man. And quite importantly he won’t make you wince in embarrassment every time he ventures onto the podium.

TAN Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the 61-year-old Muar-born International Trade and Industry Minister isn’t an easy politician to ‘read’.

First impressions, and let’s be frank, are generally pretty negative. He seems dour, unsmiling and distant — a shadowy player (perhaps even a Malay ultra?) with a checkered reputation stemming from his stint as Mentri Besar of Johor in the early ‘go-go-go’ 90s.

However, with Muhyiddin, his stern appearance (he really needs to smile a little more) masks a relaxed leader who’s very much at ease in his own skin. .. more here Muhyiddin a tactical player The Star

Mukhriz and Khairy

The Umno Youth contest has become the race to watch as the underdog candidate has clinched the coveted nomination count to contest while the once mighty are struggling to catch up.

DATUK Mukhriz Mahathir was probably as surprised as many others in Umno to have zoomed ahead of the assumed strongman candidate Khairy Jamaluddin.

By the end of the first weekend round of Umno Youth divisions meetings on Sunday, he had 40 nominations, more than the minimum 38 he needed to contest the Umno Youth leadership.

Getting the requisite nominations is a key psychological milestone and that he got there before Khairy and Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has been pretty stunning. more here Winds of change in Umno Youth The Star


From Malaysiakini

Umno nominations resume, eye on Khairy
Wong Choon Mei | Oct 14, 08 11:11am
khairy jamaluddin and umnoDivisional meetings resume, with the focus still very much on the Youth candidates Mukhriz, Khairy and Khir Toyo, while Wanita aspirants Rafidah and Shahrizat are also closely


Letter questions 'shady' chopper deal
14, 08 2:02pm
A retired army captain questions the logic of paying more for less when the government could pay less for more and save almost RM1.5 billion.MORE from Malaysiakini.

For the benefit of fellow Citizen B, there is an allegation of an exchange of text messages between Najib and Datuk Shafee Abdullah, the prominent lawyer ... more here: Anwar wants probe on Najib
Malaysia Star, Malaysia

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak however said that all private companies were encouraged to build up a local vendor system to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises.

“So, all big non-bumiputra companies, particularly those which have received licences or contracts from the Government, should give priority towards the development of local small firms, including those owned by bumiputras. More here: Parliament: Keep race out of business, says Najib Malaysia Star, Malaysia

Abdullah Badawi

But outside the House, Abdullah rebutted Anwar’s contention, maintaining that the Malaysian banking system is not facing a liquidity crunch. “Malaysia is not going into recession now. We have very strong economic fundamentals. And we have very strong reserves. Our trade surplus is still strong, our savings are also very high,” Abdullah insisted at a press conference. “We have a currency that today is stable. Our banking system is still strong.” ... DEWAN DISPATCHES: No Anwar Ibrahim power grab…again but he ... New Straits Times, Malaysia