Saturday, October 04, 2008

commenting Malaysiakini on Tsu Koon as Gerakan President

From Malaysiakini
Tsu Koon is new Gerakan president
Oct 4, 08 12:12pm
  • breaking news Dr Koh Tsu Koon was elected unopposed as Gerakan president today after he was the sole candidate to be nominated for the post.MORE
What a relief for Dr Koh. Losing Penang in April and winning presidency October. A bitter sweet kind of relief. Like taking peria, raw as ulam.

Many like Dr Koh. It is not the man, physical, macho look, muscle, bones and flesh. He is not the most handsome guys around. Lim Ah Lek will win by miles if one talk about look alone. He has that little cruel thing about dignity. He is dignified even on the verge of losing Penang. He maintained his composure and shaked Lim Guan Eng's hand. I suppose that will be the basic make-up of a national leader. A true statesman.

He never show keenness with frontal attack or brutal fight. I would say he is some kind of a tai chee - politician. For any frontal attact, Dr Koh will divert and realign. He played a fair game with other component party leaders. While some poke fun at his leadership about losing Penang, he smiled and cushioned and absorbed. Then dust will fall and vision becomes clearer.

With so many eying for deputy president post, i can only assumed Dr Koh's neutrality. While others may take sides, Dr Koh will exhibit his inner strength, his willingness to work with anyone. Anyone that wins, will be his deputy to take on Gerakan to a greater height with sound relevance to the masses. A tainted image can always be repaired.

I will not go far and start to make comparison between Dr Koh and Abdullah. They are of different mould and breed.

Good Luck Dr Koh.