Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BARRICADE WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Nizar, Anwar and the late Dato Harun Idris


as the last bastion before a long journey into wilderness, had been exemplified through decade of political turmoil. The late Harun Idris was jailed on the first of Mac 1977 on charges related to Joe Bugner and Ali big fight, a corruption charge. Anwar Ibrahim was jailed in 1999 on corruption and sodomy charges but the Federal Court reversed the second conviction and released in 2004. Residence was their last baricade before being taken away to face the consequences of court findings.

2. It is too early to guess on Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin's fate. If he keep using the official residence as his political front, the last barricade could just turn against him as with the earlier two politicians. Comparing the three, Nizar is a young novice.

3. Being a politician and with Anwar as mentor, maintaining political pressure is a way to prolong the momentum. With the coming of Bukit Gantang by election, official residence as his last barricade will make a good political cry. Who knows, the so called draconian ISA may just turn against him in a harsh way. There is a fine line separating internal security and politics of defiance.

Nizar To Work
MB Residence

Tuesday 10 feb 2009

Nizar then told reporters that he would continue to perform his duties from the Menteri Besar's official residence which he has refused to vacate, despite Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir being sworn in as the new menteri besar last Friday.

He claimed that as he was scheduled to meet investors in the office every Tuesday, he had to re-arrange the appointments.

"We will do our work from the menteri besar's residence and try to re-arrange some of the appointments," he said.

Asked if he would try to come back again tomorrow to get into the office, Nizar said he would not do so.[Nizar To Work From MB Residence