Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DUEL WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Anwar and Najib on supremacy

How would
I put it this ugly thing, that Anwar and Najib is on a head-on collision. It is a political necessity, for both have to get to the top as soon as they can. Perak is as clear as hell. Both are drawing daggers. Nasarudin, Osman and others are pawns in their battle. Millions of dollars mentioned are just spices to make curry hotter.

Sodomy case will be for public show soon, therefore Anwar has to apply deflection. Perak is the battlefield chosen as a prelude before the sodomy case. But men succumb to seduction and pressure most of the times. As Saiful is preparing to bare it all, Nasarudin and Osman are taking earlier initiatives to hammer home some delicate points on seduction and pressure.

When popularity ratings of Abdullah and Najib is shown in some media, some of us may say, its not a duel afterall, it is a three legged reality show, Anwar, Najib and Abdullah. Who say Abdullah is as good as gone? [ Najib, Pak Lah]

Oh, leave Abdullah
out please......