Thursday, February 05, 2009

POLITICS WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Anwar is taking a dangerous move.

Never in history
, any state has to go for free wheeling ride, where the up and downs are very much similar and one never know if it is the top or the bottom. Anwar was seen smiling wide as he put PKR jacket on Nasarudin from Bota Perak last week. The message was clear to Malaysians that Anwar is very invisible, he can do almost anything, you punch him, nothing happen. You jailed him, he isnt scared. He went to the extent grabbing an ADUN from another party to his. It is like pinching somebody's wife and proudly announce it to the whole world. Oh, how his premature manoeuvre brings about a wicked backlash!

2. He showed worry only once. That was when Saiful went out with sodomy case. As Anwar was hiding in Turkey's embassy, many thought he was scared to death. As minutes passed by, many realised that Anwar was playing it for political mileage, shouting to the whole world that was about to be framed and he may be shot.

3. On many points and instances, Anwar was seen playing to maximise sympathy and support towards him. Braces at the neck, arsenic poisoning in jail, HIV injection, enticing everyone with eventual defections to PKR to enable him emerging as the new Prime Minister and the latest move in putting PKR jacket on Nasarudin, are dangerous moves.

4. I call it dangerous because what he did was inviting crisis and toying with national security. The threat of 100,000 people demonstrating in Perak, is very much similar to decade old demonstration in KL before he was jailed on ISA. In a way this episode, if Anwar really want to be jailed, is a face saving gesture as a prelude to his SODOMY CASE. He needs some rest . If Anwar is to be jailed on some ISA requirement, he will not carry black eyes to the court unless he bang himself with his own knuckles.

5. Anwar brings an elected state government to its knee with his own greedy initiatives. He being a Cherok Tok Kun guy, may not appreciate the true meaning of "Biar pape asal bergaye". A kopitiam friend regards Anwar as keloloh.

Anwar is a no go .... Anwar cant complain on a backlash.


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