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KARPAL WITH MALAYSIAKINI: demands Anwar Ibrahim to step down

Latest. And this is boiling hot! The Aftermath of Perak political crisis. Anwar as a liability is one thing but the most important issue is their ideological differences. Come to think of it, are DAP and PKR really multi racial parties?

2. As Karpal rightfully said, Anwar has done enough damage to the country. But Karpal went for bullet spray, hitting everyone who tried to mess with him. For the record, comments from a young politician was a bit too far, saying Karpal is not fit to be a citizen of this country.

Karpal demands that
Anwar Ibrahim step down.

by Sharanjit and Lee

sunday 8feb 2009

In an amazing outburst, DAP national chairman Karpal Singh criticised today PKR chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, his DAP boss Lim Kit Siang and even Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for what he deemed as their "inconsistent stand" on party hopping. In a Press conference at his penang office, Karpal claimed that their stance had caused the whole Pakatan Rakyat to be in disarray. Karpal also accused Anwar of being unfit to lead Pakatan Rakyat and demanded that the PKR supremo step down.

Karpal expressed his disappointment with the stand taken by Anwar and DAP leaders on party hopping, claiming that their inconsistency had caused the whole alliance in Pakatan Rakyat to be in disarray.

The MP for Bukit Gelugor called on the DAP to seriously reconsider its membership in Pakatan Rakyat to show the party does not condone dishonesty of any kind, in particular treachery to the people through crossovers.

Calling on Anwar to repent, Karpal said the former deputy prime minister had created enough trouble for the country.

"I wonder if he is fit to be the leader of Pakatan Rakyat. In fact I think Pakatan Rakyat requires another leader, a good leader. Not someone who believes in immorality, even accepting crossovers," he said at a press conference in his law firm here today.
Karpal expressed regret that some Pakatan Rakyat members and even the DAP had fallen into the temptation of supporting crossovers.

"Some of them have not even said a word all this while and I regret that I did not get support from even my own party leaders (on the crossover issue). Kit Siang and Guan Eng should support me instead of making statements supporting Anwar Ibrahim. I am the chairman of DAP and let me make it clear to the party leaders that I have the support of the rank and file," he said.

Karpal then went on to issue a warning to his party leaders not to push him to far. "I have been patient all this while. Don't let matters come to a head in the interest of Pakatan Rakyat and also DAP. In fact, I have even proposed that DAP leave Pakatan Rakyat on the issue of hudud law but no one supported me. Neither Kit Siang or Guan Eng. It is a shame and they should also bertaubat (repent)."

Asked if he would call for an emergency party meeting to discuss DAP future in the alliance, Karpal said he was already contemplating doing so. "I have been silent for too long. I cannot fight the cause of the DAP alone although I have been trying. What I am saying and am defending is nothing but the truth."

Karpal slammed those who had accused him of committing treason for taking on Sultan of Perak.

"Those who have lodged reports against me are obviously ignorant of the law. I would like to make it clear to everyone that they better not play with me. I have taken enough. If you want trouble then you have come to the right place," he said. "I will not be cowed by anyone on the issue."

Karpal reiterated that he had done nothing unlawful or illegal in relation to the Sultan of Perak.

"I am just stating that the Sultan is also subject to the due process of the law and he can be sued in his official capacity for dismissing the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

Karpal repeated his view that the Sultan has acted ultra vires to the provisions of Article 16(6) of the constitution of Perak.

[ Karpal demands that Anwar Ibrahim step down as PR leader
New Straits Times, Malaysia]

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