Sunday, February 08, 2009

WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Bukit Chandan dwellers complaining

We grew up with Anwar's perculiarity. It doesnt seem fair, but we have to admit that Anwar time and time again shows us the way. He thrives on emotional politics. He sharpened the technique on this aspect of political war to perfection. Just remember how he was so calculative in putting braces all over his neck before getting off to Germany for some treatment. He captured the essence of human emotion. In a way he is a seducer! A political Don Juan!

2. We could have been taken for a ride. Some idiolize him as Ghandi or Ayah Pin or whoever or anyone somewhere in between. Of course Anwar had issued statement discouraging supporters from doing silly things in Bukit Chandan, for Anwar has learned about ISA in out while having his Sungai Buloh sabbatical leave.

3. It is always the outsiders that create most havoc. The collapse of Kota Melaka decades ago was said due to one indian trader fearing the economic threat of Portugese. I am not a historian but thats what I gather. PAS in the early days used outsiders extensively to win elections. People got confused if Mat Sabu is really a kelantanese and so is Nasharudin Mat Isa. Now PAS resorts to the locals. Even attempts to recapture melaka from Europeans were made possible by outside hands and daggers from as far as Sulawesi. Rise and fall of many democratically elected countries in modern era are determined by outside hands to a certain extent.

4. Riots in Bukit Chandan was said to be outsiders doings. It is normal and therefore we have to be extra careful. Anwar has to be careful too, because however passionate one is on politics, security and safety has to be priority number one. But his approach in playing up emotion to the edge, is in collision with most accepted meaning of safety and security. The Bukit Chandan dwellers like to continue living peacefully.

5. How would Anwar survive without demonstration and politico emotional outburst? A kopitiam friend was talking about soon to be politico emotional outburst in Ampangan Negeri Sembilan. The local may understand fuller. Anwar's PR backyard may just catch fire, not of arson but a self inflicted match playing.

Bukit Chandan
Dwellers Saddened
By Rioting


IPOH, Feb 7 2009

Bukit Chandan dwellers, mostly royalties, aristocrats and palace employees, are greatly saddened by yesterday's rioting committed by outsiders in front of Ubudiah Mosque, said assemblyman Datuk Wan Mohamad Khai-ril Anuar Wan Ahmad today.

He said the residents were also worried because the area had never seen such a situation before.

"The Bukit Chandan residents are deeply concerned about their safety and very angry because of the inconvenience they had to go through particularly to perform Friday prayers at Ubudiah Mosque yesterday due to the rioting," he told Bernama here.

The outsiders, he said, should have respected the royal town of Kuala Kangsar and the palatial home of Sultan Azlan Shah.

"I am greatly saddened and upset because the embarrassing incident had disrupted and broken the peace, and the joviality enjoyed by the Kuala Kangsar residents had become a nightmare," he said.

"I think those who took part in the rioting were not just outsiders but had also been instigated by certain people until this happened," he said.

Wan Khai-ril said: "Kuala Kangsar had never seen a commotion like that.

"The Kuala Kangsar residents have gotten used to festivities and festivals to honour His Highness the Sultan. Now they experience a trauma and a great shock because the Ruler's safety is also under threat.

"They are angry because the outsiders have touched the palace's sovereignty. When they saw vehicles, including Tuanku Raja Muda's, got surrounded they said 'Masya'Allah," he said.

He said Bukit Chandan was a tourist destination and it was important to ensure their safety and comfort.

Malay Businessmen and Industrialists Association of Malaysia president Datuk Moehamad Izat Emir who is Kuala Kangsar-born, said he was very disappointed and shocked that Datuk Seri Ir Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had defied Sultan Azlan Shah.

"I am sad seeing a Malay who held the post of Menteri Besar for 10 months and had been conferred a Datuk Seri from His Highness, when faced with a crisis took a bold step intimidating the Tuanku," he said.

If Pakatan Rakyat wanted to take a court action, it should be against Barisan Nasional not the Sultan of Perak, he said.