Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PKR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: A mix-up, not a scandal

A sudden
burst of unexpected happenings adds to the political crisis. As Perak is ready for a swap of government, Bukit Gantang lost its MP and Bukit Selambau ADUN V Arumugam quit PKR.

2. A PKR leader said, Bt Selambau case is just a mix-up, definitely not a scandal. Meanwhile attempts to contact Arumugam have been unsuccessful.

A mix-up
not a scandal

the star

PKR supreme council member Datuk Johari Abdul has described the personal problems faced by V. Arumugam as not a scandal but a misunderstanding.

He said the problems were linked to the legal status of Arumugam’s “second wife.”

“A non-Muslim man cannot have more than one wife under the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 unless he divorces his first wife.

“Arumugam married his second wife some eight or nine years ago by religious rites,” said Johari.

He said Arumugam had not registered the customary marriage because he was still legally married to his first wife of 19 years.

Asked whether Arumugam’s resignation was related to a memorandum that had been submitted to the Kedah Sultan alleging he had insulted the palace by bringing his “second wife” to official functions, Johari, who is also MP for Sungei Petani said:

“To me, this is all just a misunderstanding that has been triggered by certain parties to create uncertainty.”
[PKR: It’s just a mix-up, not a scandal]