Friday, January 16, 2009


Sharing Anwar with malaysiakini is always interesting, because he could have easily been our Prime Minister if MP's can be swayed at will. Malaysian politics are made more colourful with pulses of comments from Ezam on Anwar.

  • from Malaysiakini
  • Ezam shows letter, Anwar says 'so what?'
  • Andrew Ong | Jan 15, 09 2:39pm
  • It wouldn't be an election campaign without Ezam Mohd Noor dishing the 'dirt' on Anwar Ibrahim. In typical Ezam style, the opposition leader's former confidante yesterday revealed a letter allegedly written by Anwar to Dr Mahathir, seeking to make peace.

2. It becomes almost predictable whenever Ezam takes stage. His target has continuously been Anwar, hinging on the fact that he was Anwar's former confidante in the previous decade. I am expecting a more penetrating cut on Anwar as the the election is nearing. The revealation by Ezam is of clock precision, as it ticks.

3. But Terengganu is never Anwar's playing field. I am of the opinion that the more Ezam pokes at Anwar, the more resilient Anwar will be. There will come a time when however damaging Ezam accusation might be, Anwar will just say nothing. Anwar is riding on an invisible charriot, so must so that he doesn't seem to care about things other than his frequently changed due date. The more Ezam pushes, the more damages will be inflicted not on Anwar but on Ezam and BN.

4. It is very wicked of me to suggest that the verdict on sodomy case could be a no event afterall. Even proven guilty, his strong supporters might just yell " so what?". When that happen, nobody cares if Anwar is clean or dirty. He is a man catapulted beyond reality through tears of Baling people......

so what?