Sunday, January 04, 2009


Malaysiakini posted
two articles on Tamil Tiger, therefore I proceed with my
assumption that freedom, fighting and Tamil Tigers has a place here. A fight for a freer world?

from malaysiakini
Sri Lankan troops advance on rebels' military HQ
Jan 3, 09 2:02pm
Sri Lankan troops advanced Saturday on the military headquarters of the Tamil Tigers, a day after capturing the rebels' de facto political capital in the north of the island.
Sri Lankan troops capture Tiger capital
Jan 2, 09 6:06pm
Sri Lanka said today its troops had finally captured the unofficial capital of the Tamil Tigers, dealing a major blow to the rebel outfit

2. It is a long drawn battle for self government in an island called Sri Lanka. For decades the same island was simply known as Ceylon.

3. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam [LTTE] commonly known as Tamil Tigers is a militant Tamil Nationalist organisation to create a sovereign tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka. It started in 1970's and developed into a bloody civil war. The fight is primarily between the singalese and the tamils. Angered by flux of refugees, the goverment of India got into action by air dropping food parcels into Jaffna. Then India and sri Lanka signed a peace agreement to control and solve the conflict.

4. Somehow the peace agreement left out the participation of Tamil Tigers, and the unhappiness led to a deeper conflict. It is almost identical to the Palestine, Morro and southern thailand issue. It is about people with different religion, belief and mother tongues trying to live together.

5. Somewhere along the long drawn conflict, it had turned ugly. It developed into revenge for deaths. The Bugis people has a tradition to pass revenge as a family honour down the generation lines. The Pashtun people too exhibit the same trait. President Bush senior started off with Sadam and Bush junior finished it off. It is a shrewd way to be honourable.

6. We Malaysians must appreciate the fluid nature of conflicts. A simple and innocent incidence can simply lead to a massive confrontation. Kampung Medan witnessed the bloodiest conflict between people of different belief and culture in recent time. Some of us may not be born yet to witness other dirty conflict along the Perak River. Even the elders of Sungai Manik may find difficulty to narrate events that has become legends.

7. With this understanding, some of us still believe the safety valve provided by the much dreaded I.S.A. Unity among races is fragile and require a control mechanism offered by ISA. Dont allow politicians to thrive on chaotic environment and emerge heroic, because chaos hurts the innocent millions.

Revenge has camouflaged the intial freedom fightings over and over again.