Thursday, January 29, 2009

PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: The peculiarity of leadership and Gangga Negara.

Of Perak leadership,
UMNO, Pakatan Rakyat,
the rebirth of Gangga Negara

and its peculiarity

Turn of events moulded Perak in its current form. Lets stretch history back as far as the first known human settlement [civilisation?] in Perak. Very much like Brunei where its city was anchored around the large river mouth, not a delta, closer to a bay I think. It must be the calmness provided by a well hidden lagoon that allows settlement to take place, where boats can lower their anchors and people built houses.

2. Perak is very much the same. A nice river mouth, maintains calmness, protected by Pulau Pangkor. Pangkor counterpart on the mainland is Lumut. Tanah Merah is said to be the earlier name. It was within this geographical vicinity that a known civilisation thrived once before. It was gangga negara. Beruas, Pantai Remis, Sitiawan, Ayer Tawar, Lekir, Lumut and Kayan are close by. We were left with artifacts and little footnotes in historical treatment of Perak and Malaysia. Beruas housed a museum for that purpose.

3. A photoblogger by the name minaq jinggo[Minaq jinggo] has roots there, where beaches are either muddy or sandy.

4. Then the British in a shrewd politico economical manoeuvre, invited Raja abdullah on board to sign Pangkor Treaty. Birch murder happened further down in Pasir Salak where Ramli Ngah Talib had been religously elected as ADUN [hence Menteri Besar] and MP in his later days.

5. After Merdeka, Perak failed to put Gangga Negara in a modern perspective so must so that most Menteri Besars were either from Hulu Perak or Hilir Perak. There were Ghazali, Kamarudin, Wan Ahmad, Ramli and Tajol. Had it not been for BN defeat, the Pangkor boy, Zambri Abd Kadir could have been the Menteri Besar.

6. As a consolation, the Pakatan Rakyat chose Nizar ADUN of Pasir Panjang [within greater Sitiawan] as the Menteri Besar. He, i mean Nizar was a government sponsored student who studied in UK during the boom of Dasar Ekonomi Baru. As jenny haworth said in Optimism, depression see the birth of creativity. I see the turmoil of 13 May as the catalyst for DEB which has uprooted the malays from their traditional fishing and farming roots.

7. There were great guys in the previous era by the name of Dato Malik and Dato Ishak. But they failed to make it to the top. It has to be hulu or hilir perak and not from any where else. God knows why. Dato Malik leaned towards the B team once, and his son in law amplified the inclination.

8. Nasarudin Hashim, a new kid in town amongs Pakatan Rakyat team could have his own reason for doing what he has done, switching sides or rather crossing over. I suspect the next cross over will be from the surrounding area, definitely not from hulu or hilir Perak. Maybe just maybe, there will be brighter light within the vicinity of Pangkor or Manjong or mid west Perak to rekindle the glory of gangga negara. With two power plants within its vicinity, one in Segari and the other off the coast of Lekir, it is going to be real power house.