Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DEATH WITH MALAYSIAKINI: On Kugan, be realistic from Japan

It is a sharing time. There are many angles to look at things or incidents. This is another one. But it doesnt stop one from feeling sorry about the death. Either way, truth at times is very painful.

Indians be realistic

by japan_my2003

The Star citizen's blog
Tuesday 27 jan 2009

The case of Kugan was a great eye opener for all Malaysian. We have read and seen many cases of suspect being dead in police custody irrelevant of race. Till today only few have hit the eyes of the public like the case of nude pictures of a lady and the assault on Datuk Anwar himself when he was arrested under ISA. Police assault and terrogation is not race base or kind of crucification of Indians. Probability there are good chances that the Indians have more hardcore criminals than other races, or Indians have become a victim of criminal master mind of Chinese, Malay or Foreign criminals to whom these young Indian boys are working with. The Indians need to work hard to find tangible employment for these lost boys rather than demonstrating against the police or the government. Street demonstration will not bring any good to our Malaysian society. Indians in Malaysia are from Malaysia, after being born, grown up with other races, we in Malaysia have an unique family. There is no other home other than Malaysia for Indians and Chinese.

Running away for home to seek assistance from India or Britain is a coward thing to be done. Only a person with weak self motivation and with high level of inferiority complex will use the tickets of race, color and religion to brainwash the poor and lost Indians. Malaysian in cooperate organization knows very well that there are very reliable Indians whom they can depend they business on. Many Indians have good reputation that once a task is given to them, it is considered to be completed and delivered timely. Why playing the cards of race, when many of Indians consider themselves as Malaysian only? Professional Indians are having the feeling of shame with the game of race, color and religion played by few selfish members of Indian society. There will be a lot more profession Indians whom are willing to come forward to help fellow Indians to be successfully only if the cards of race, color and religion is not being placed in front.

The many successful Indians never felt that their color or race or religion was a hurdle in any part of the world. Why it is becoming such a big issue to other fellow Indians. Maybe working on educating the Indians could help to remove the inferiority complex.

What ever said and done, Malaysia in the home for Indians, Indians need to work out a reliable formula with the government, irrelevant of BN or PKR or PAS or DAP government to provide quality education and training and most importantly some level of financially support to setup entrepreneurship. The output need to be supervised by strong task force whom are committed to built Indian inline with Malaysia as a family, not by cowards with inferiority complex whom have standby visa to runaway and give instruction remotely.

Back to Kugan's case it is important reliable lawyers should come forward to take up the case and bring those whom are involved to the eyes of the public. I hope the Indians do not split up due to few selfish Indians. Please put your hands and ideas together and work for the well being of all Indians. Do not get emotionally involved on lies and rumors spread by self exile coward. Please seek for the truth. We have honest guys locked up under ISA together with a selfish master mind. Hope the government will filter out these trapped guys. Many believe these honest guys could provide more realistic lead and bring honest change for the lost Indians.

Indian Be Realistic
Malaysia Star, Malaysia ]

Update 1:

This one look at the side of coin;


by: tj9880
The star citizen's blog

All the hassles getting the high profiled lawyers, getting private hospital to do the post-mortem and organizing the demonstrations during the funeral are in fact very expensive.

Someone must be financing it or the family is rich enough to finance it.

Could it be from the stealing of the very expensive cars all these while?

Then why would we allow those people who are rich from the suffering and griefs of others to manipulate the decent and rightful thinking people so that they can make even with the policemen who has been giving them troubles all this while.

Please see it further ..

Malaysia Star, Malaysia]