Saturday, January 17, 2009

LETS SEE IN MALAYSIAKINI: if the majority is really 7000

Oh, it wont be long before kuala terengganu will get a new representative. As Ong in Malaysiakini put a figure of 7000 majority, many would love to test the hypothesis. Who knows, it could just be true [ 'PAS to win by 7,000 majority' ].

2. When everyone has gone home late tonight, the winner will put up a bitter smile. What is he going to do as a representative? If Wan Farid is fated to be back into parliment and thus cabinet minister, he surely knows where to turn to. Farid will never stop thinking how to further develop Kuala Terengganu.

3. Excellent performance in national examinations over many years is an indication that things are well in Terengganu. Money is well spent in areas that matters most; nation building.

4. If Wahid raise up his hands tonight, then he has alot of things to do, to pacify the needs and demands of Kuala Terengganu people. Thats what i think. But after seeing the game of Tian Chua in handling lift problem of flat dwellers, i stop short of stamping my opinion that Lee Lam Thye is the last Malaysian political hero. The rest are just boys....