Saturday, January 10, 2009

ZORRO WITH MALAYSIAKINI: umno is dying ...

Malaysiakini topblogger, zorro was painting a gloomy picture on Umno. As he said if Day 1 is the benchmark barometer to go by, then I say that PAS will plaster UMNO convincingly. [THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR KT UMNO? | zorro]

2. Some people are serious about politics and cling to a political party like marriage, till death do us apart or sehidup semati [malay version]. That was in the old days. At times there were little whisper like "letak tunggul kayu pun boleh menang". That specifically refers to strong adherance to political party as compared to the person himself.

3. At times, people are thinking that modern folks go for personality, charisma or leadership quality as the most important prerequisite to a good representative. We may be wrong on that point as folks send a videographer to the parliament. On that instance, strong attachment to political party is still prevalent.

4. Kuala Terengganu is somewhat different. People are still mourning about their best representative for decades in late Razali. I dont suppose supporters just turn around and hate Umno or love PAS more.