Monday, January 05, 2009


I cant imagine PKR is going to use that tactic again, altantuya murder poster!. It is really an old case/issue and to a certain extent the case has been adequately treated by the court. Syed Jaymal posted a news item on the said issue in Malaysiakini. [PKR Youth members arrested in KT from Malaysiakini]

2. Altantuya murder is an ongoing criminal case handled by our own court. It has always been that way for a long long time. The court will handle cases and lawyers will fight it out. In some places a native court/tribunal will come in to solve disputes. Meanwhile everyone just has to keep mum over the issue, otherwise we are seen as meddling. Those with legal minds will say in contempt of court, or simply disrespectful of the court, its process and its invested power.

3. In an earlier post, I mentioned about someone poking at your belly. For the first time, you will jump according to your "geli" resistance. But if the guy keep poking a hundred times over months, you get used to it, your consciousness will take over. You may not even react or at worst, you give the guy a swing at slightest indication.

4. Lets tease our memory for a minute. It was Ijok's by election when PKR used the very same issue to the maximum. Sensible folks were wide eyed, wondering what the hell PKR and Anwar were so happy and jumpy about playing the issue or rather the scandal. Then our wicked mind began to understand the reason why. It is all about Anwar wanting to be the next Prime Minister, and too bad Najib is in the way. Therefore Najib has to be eliminated. But Ijok by election is never Najib's baby.

5. If campaign is very much issue/scandal based, I have to be frank with Anwar and his supporters that they soon will find themselves irrelevant. The worst part is, the same issue has been played far too often ever since Ijok seeked re election. People get bored, and the police get angry and soon everyone will get pissed. A few friends were damn sore, when Bad [the Rembau candidate PRU12] showed his political maturity in testing MACC. MACC to them is fun! Another poke at the belly?

6. Meanwhile Nizar is not too certain what is to become of freeholding of leased lands. A reader had submitted a long article in Utusan Malaysia 5.1.2009, putting historical and legal light into it. I tell you, it will not go down well with those who really understand about land matters and historical attachment. I am not too sure what the fellow folks from Lekir and Pasir Panjang think about it.

5. To be fair lets be respectful to law and regulation. Too much street talk will not do much good to us Malaysian and at worst we are seen as playing and toying with the law. That is not good. It is like driving at 180km/hr and intermittently look back if any patrol car will chase you. One cant be too committed with Jew's saying "everything is fine in chaos" as they bulldozed Ghaza to shambles.

6. Lets read what is Syed hamid Albar reaction to the arrest: 'Five people were arrested and released on police bail,' said Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, adding that the five were suspected of defamation.

'You can't breach the law. If they spread criminal defamation the police should take action. In a democratic system we should act with responsibility,' he told a press conference. Opposition members arrested Straits Times, Singapore

Hujan makin lebat di Terengganu ........