Sunday, January 18, 2009

UNDERSTANDING with MALAYSIAKINI: the outcome of Kuala Terengganu by election.

They have decided to give it to PAS. With Malaysiakini, after a sip of kopi pahit, I am not going too far in imagining the win, as that of Pakatan Rakyat's under Anwar. It was a clear fight between UMNO and PAS and there was no yardstick to evaluate Anwar's factor.

2. At the end of the day, do people really allow themselves to be influenced by political campaign or ceramahs? Or is political inclination a changing facade of deeper attachments?. Like a young man in search of a matured life has gone through phases. There are days when your own thoughts and inclinations are in head on collision with the traditions, political belief included.

3. For a while, I thought political swings is a little pendulum swinging at will. Political pundits will know how to disturb the stillness of the political stability because they understand the theory of equilibirium. Most walk on murky water not knowing what lies underneath.

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