Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ANWARISM WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Anwar is very peculiar.

I know, we cant do a negative bit on Anwar and his brand of Anwarism to his supporters. Lets share with Malaysiakini what is Anwar's way of doing things. When Ezam sets target on Anwar, we just have to listen and beware.

  1. Ezam: Anwar wanted to make peace with Dr M and Umno Malaysia Star, Malaysia Ezam Mohd Nor has claimed that his former boss Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sent him to see then-prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in ...
2. Everything is worth repeating if we want to play objectivity. Not all things are hulala. When I saw Azizah boarding accompanied by another lady I refuse to place cloud in front. i would rather see everything and sense things beyond the obvious.

3. Anwar is very peculiar. Anwarism if it existed must be most peculiar. It is very difficult to dissect Anwarism in term of statesmanship. When I write statesmanship, it is not about a guy wanting to govern a state. The way he has been clamouring up, the crucial issue was forgotten each time. Issues are coloured like rainbow.

4. What does he want? He wants to be the prime minister of Malaysia, no matter what. Is he good? It is going to be difficult, but I would rather say, his deeds are yet to seen, before and now. His game with the late Ghafar and Mahathir is best seen as utter greediness. He punched below the belt in numerous occasions. I will never forget the days when Baling was thrown on the table as he attempted a royal flush years ago. Yes, people are crowding around him like hungry bats.

5. Anwarism is all about being a prime minister no matter what. Thats all.