Monday, January 12, 2009

WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Kuala Terengganu is extremely quiet.

The old saying goes, air tenang jangan sangka tiada buaya. I feel like sharing it with Malaysiakini on noise level in Kuala Terengganu as the election day is nearing. For the record, there are only two postings in Malaysiakini on KT by elections today.

  1. Wan Ahmad Farid says no to oil royalty debate A Terengganu-based NGO has offered to organise a debate between the two candidates on the oil royalty issue but Barisan Nasional candidate is not keen, stating that the matter has been settled
  2. KT by-election: Voting estimates analysis Specific aspects of voting are compared in relation to results in March 2008 and the anticipated outcome in Saturday’s by-election. Who is expected to win and by what margin?

2. The obvious presence of pondok polis throughout Kuala Terengganu is creating a sense of security. I suppose we cant afford to belittle security and safety even though some take it for granted. At times, the very much needed security are being tested by some quarters. Lets do flash back on MACC, as Bad [the challenger in PRU12 Rembau constituency ] submitted a list of complaints on probable corruptions just to test. We have not forgotten how the essence of national security was being tested as Bersih and Hindraf were parading the tarmac. Even I.S.A. was questioned from time to time.

3. Therefore one really has to distinguish between political talk and the reality. Anything that disturb the racial harmony has to be dealt with quickly. I.S.A. is something we can rely on to put things in order. Nobody should be scared, because the majority are just ordinary people who go on with lives, doing some jobs, raise families and be part of a larger society. Playing poker with national security is simply irresponsible.

4. A day in Kuala Terengganu is a pleasant experience. The city is clean by Malaysian standard. Pasar Payang is some kind of enterpreneurship hub for the malays. Yes, with monsoon cup lagoon, crystal mosque, hadhari retreat within the vicinity, Pasar Payang is thriving as visitors and the locals drop by to take kerpok lekor home. A visit to Noor Arfa Batik complex is a must to most malay ladies. The talk of someone getting rich out these projects is best forgotten. Terengganu is reaping benefit out of these projects now just like Melaka. Tourism. Lets not forget how Noor Arfa batik rises from tenacity of two persons, a husband and a wife with a little help by the government. Entrepreunerships are displayed in full colour in!

5. Kuala Terengganu is on capacity building now, give it some time, even Kelantan will be beaten. For now, Kuala Terengganu has to be satisfied as a stop over for long holiday trip to kelantan. I guess KT presence will be permanent on holiday maker list.

6. I saw polis berkuda the other day saddling the sandy path. It was quite a sight.

7. Malay houses are changing. The old traditional houses with spectacular nisan kayu at two ends of the roof are giving way to better houses. Some houses are simply very big. It is just a sign of better life seeping into Terengganu landscapes.

8. There was this penceramah, who lambasted some politicians for being very greedy and becoming very rich. The moment he ended his sermont, he was ushered into a nice BMW. Of course we cannot be too pricky, because politicians are just alike. Some are very rich.

9. As I crossed Pulau Kambing, the river was unusually calm. I cant remember when was the last time a bujang senang was sighted there. Anyway, the weather was rather cool almost like spring in Wales.....

10. To my opinion, Terengganu has not suffered from being over developed. The pace of development is just right and matches human capital development there. Therefore Terengganu will not fall into some other foreign hands.

11. Lets orang ganu kite decide for themselves what is good for them. Even Anwar, Khalid or Lim Guan Eng cant understand the calmness of Kuala Terengganu. Just to share, I saw a poster with Teresa Kok, Lim Guan Eng, Khalid and Anwar on it. They are quite sensible to exclude the face of Karpal Singh because he has been far too vocal on Hudud, the flagship of PAS.

Far too early, but it will not be wrong to expect Wan Farid emerging as winner.