Monday, January 05, 2009

WITH MALAYSIAKINI: the oil royalty and livelihood of Terengganu folks.

A malaysiakini topblog posted an article challenging Wan farid to clarify the possible leak in oil royalty. The person is none other than the PKR Pemuda himself, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin [Pemuda PKR cabar Farid jelaskan ketirisan wang royalti | Shamsul Iskandar] . I do find clumsy sometimes when faced in a similar situation. Someone poke at your belly and you have to jump in reaction. Frequent pokes on the same spot will allow your consciousness to take over. Farid undoubtedly knows how to handle.

2. Lets go down the memory lane for a while. The days when Wan Mokhtar was the icon being the naib presiden of umno and the menteri besar. Wan Mokhtar for decades had managed to ward off challenges from Hadi and his group.Hadi being young and agressive failed to shake Wan Mokhtar. Then came the late 90's black eye of Anwar that failed to see light beyond a meter. Some blamed Wan Mokhtar's overstay. But Hadi scrambled up the throne, and spoiled the reign. I wouldnt be wrong to share the feelings of many, that Hadi is simply not of statesman pedigree.

3. Their high pitched ceramahs, trained future leaders in an unconventional way. When in power, the intricities of a government is way too much. Then a sensible politician, Mustapha Ali jump in to save face, dragging feet to end their tenure. Somehow it is easier for PAS to play opposition role in retrospect.

4. It was common knowledge then that roads in Terengganu were of highest quality. Even a blind will notice the difference the moment he crossed Terengganu boundary on road. A higher quality road means higher cost. But they deserve it with a little help from oil royalty. That was many years ago during Wan Mokhtar's era.

5. It was common knowledge too that Terengganu boys and girls enjoyed freedom in access into higher education. There was only two yayasans rich enough to help every boys and girls. One is yayasan sabah and the other is yayasan terengganu. So, they enjoyed the freedom of equity in education. Terengganu boys are patriotic lot, so visible when they invite friends for a makang here and overseas. Yayasan Sabah is not as rich now.

6. No wonder, Terengganu keep producing the best result in national exams. Good access by roads, big help from state government on educations and their shrewd patriotism of course.

7. Someone was saying the other day that alot of oil money was cleverly invested through Yayasan Terengganu for decades. It is a good move indeed. That is much better that to throw notes to everyone to make them happy as what PAS under Hadi tried to do. Things has to be long term, beyond our days to sustain. In a way Wan Mokhtar through his conventional and conservative thinking and group synergy manage to put Terengganu on a good alignment.

8 Lets forget about Hadhari and Monsoon Cup for a while. Not many questioned the benefits coming from the two. It is like money generating money for generations down the road. The issue centred on the leak. I remembered Hassan Marican's reply when pressed on Petronas strategies. He said there are things in business best kept secret, otherwise we lose the advantage.

9. In a way, Terengganu is like Sarawak, they ride on peacefully in good hands. Whereas Sabah, has lost their oppurtunity to rise even higher. A quick fix approach fails most of the time to develop land and man. Better things is in the horizon not necessarily within our life time. On that point, even Nizar, Ngeh, and Nga fail miserably.

Good luck Terengganu, your kerpok lekor is nice and juicy! I wont forget to drop by Kemamang via Kuantang soon. I will get kerpok lekor at Paso Payang.....