Friday, January 09, 2009

MERDEKA WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Dr Khalid Abdul Kadir lecturing.

It is a step forward for us in recognising meaningful contribution by fellow Malaysians. To share with malaysiakini readers what one of the award winner this year has to say.

Give More Room
For Young Researchers,
Says Award Winner

Award- winning researcher Prof Datuk Dr Khalid Abdul Kadir has urged local universities to give more rooms to young people to conduct their research.

Prof Khalid, one of five recipients of the inaugural Merdeka Award, said that young researchers should be funded to conduct their research, adding that the result of their research should be published.

He said this after kicking-off his inaugural Merdeka Award Lecture Series themed, 'Hormones, Stress and Metabolism: A 30-year Journey' at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) here today.

Prof Khalid advised young researchers to understand medical clinical research as it could be quite an arduous journey.

"Collaborating with a group of intelligent and enthusiastic people is important as research is a team effort," he noted.

The 60-year-old head of the Johor Baru Monash University Clinical School advised researchers not to fade away, in the event of criticism. Rather, they should use the criticism to strive to produce a better piece and improve their work.

Prof Khalid, who is also lecturer, medical specialist and researcher, first embarked on research work in 1973, while studying at the Monash University in Australia where he studied the cellular aspects of the body's endocrine system.

After acquiring an MBBS degree, he was offered a scholarship to continue his education at Monash University at PhD level.

After obtaining his PhD in endocrinology, Dr Khalid returned home and continued his research on hormones that caused physiological disorders.

Born in Nong Chik, Johor, Prof Khalid admitted that it was difficult balancing his research with being an endocrinologist, his duties as a professor and his family.

He is no stranger to stature as his parents were none other than former law minister Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Yusof and the nation's first woman minister Tun Fatimah Hashim. [ Give More Rooms For Young Researchers, Says Award Winner Bernama, Malaysia ]

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