Wednesday, January 28, 2009

POLICE WITH MALAYSIAKINI: anwar said, a royal commission on Kugan.

There were good times even in turmoil. Old great grandpa will smile and talk about ubi kayu and ikan kering during japanese occupation years ago. Now is police days, exposed too wide for convenient sake. This hate thing if goes unchecked will erode the essence of respect towards agencies and people in general.

Like the case of one bad teacher out of 300,000 or so teachers. Millions feel touched by doctors and days are punctuated by incidence of carelessness. Even guys like politicians do behave as vultures sometimes and that will not diminish honest contributions by politicians in general. Lets share and understand what Anwar has in store for us. Remember, Anwar is special because he thrived through brutality or chaotic environment and in the early days, famines had catapulted him beyond belief.

A royal commission
to probe Kugan's death

by kalbana
the new straits times

After visiting the 22-year-old’s family in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Anwar told newsmen the numerous allegations of police brutality and other abuses must be independently investigated.

“The commission must be a stand alone commission without interference by any political party. The investigation of such cases must be carried out by officers without affiliation or connection to the affected agency.

Frequently, the higher officers handling investigations are from the same agency. The level of transparency is less,” he said.

Kugan, who was remanded to assist investigations into several robberies and luxury car thefts, died at the Taipan police station in USJ, Subang Jaya, on Jan 20.
The first post-mortem revealed that he died from fluid in the lungs, but Kugan’s family claim police brutality while he was in custody. The family entered the Serdang Hospital mortuary the night he died and took photographs of his body, which showed severe bruising.

[Anwar demands royal commission to probe Kugan's death
New Straits Times, Malaysia]