Friday, January 30, 2009

PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: as Najib is taking over

is diversity in Perak so wide that it lacks the uniqueness exhibited by other states such as Kelantan and Terengganu. The northern coastal part has kedah/penang influence right from Parit Buntar to Pantai Remis. Folks over there are very familiar with the Tun Mahathir's dialect. Further down, from Sitiawan to Teluk Intan, dialect is a softer Perak dialect where mike, kome, ayor are words spoken with ease. Bagan Dato area has a large pocket of third generation Jawa decendants.

2. As Sungai Perak meanders to the mountains in hulu perak, accent is the true Perak. These are towns and villages visited by previous sultans as they travel up and down to oversee or to exert some control and protection. There are royal tombs on the bank of Sungai Perak and most are situated in Parit and Bota area. Tuntungs [river terrapins] had witnessed royal voyages and burials for hundred of years.

3. Of course, the influence of Gangga Negara could have moulded the accent to its present form. Over in Beruas, people speak with a similar slang as those in Kuala Kangsar, Kati and Sitiawan. And as many would have realised, Bota has the heaviest form of Perak accent. The tagline "biar pape asal bergaye" sounds proper and correct only with Bota accent.

4. Now the issue of Najib taking over the post of Perak Umno and Barisan liason committee caught everybody by surprise [Najib takes over as Perak chairman Malaysia Star]. The crisis is definitely real and damaging. The question posed by many observers hinged on the fact that Tajol handles opposition team poorly. Remember what our coach did when we lost against a neighboring team. He consoled and raised up the morale and enthusiasm. Perak Umno and Barisan is in exactly the same situation. For Tajol has never tasted defeat, he may justbe in a state of lost.

5. His boys and girls need assurance and morale boosting. Losing power is not an easy thing to handle. To make the matter worst, a few ADUNs failed in their bid to defend political post at division level. Dato Hamdi from Beruas or rather Pengkalan Bharu is an example. It is like a double blow. Their existence is uprooted.

6. But somehow Nizar handles newly found power properly. Element of humbleness is flowing and spreading. Hadi in Terengganu had failed years ago, and it will not be repeated. Kedah and Perak to my opinion play the tempo right and proper.

7. At the end of the day, Umno has to sit back and scrutinize issues other than projects and development. That is image building! Najib may share his wisdom and sense of direction with a losing team to boost up their morale as what coach of a losing school team will do. Arent we all schoolboys/girls before?

Time will heal.