Thursday, January 29, 2009

TAJOL ROSLI WITH MALAYSIAKINI: looking through and through.

Tajol Rosli,

and through

one does as acceptance of responsibility is immaterial, whether it is harakiri, stepping down, quiting or a 2 weeks vacation to clear up the mind. An action spurs a reaction as we had been taught in physics. Nasarudin Hashim hit a birdie or probably an eagle on the 18th hole for everyone to cheer. As for Tajol, the cut is the deepest.

2 He will quit as Gerik Umno chief effective March 29. He also announced that he will not be contesting a Majlis Tertinggi seat at party elections from March 24 to 28. He will bid farewell as it were, from the doorstep of PWTC, the venue of Umno elections.

3 The same mood was probably felt by Wan Mokhtar when Hadi triumphed and hug the sultan with ease. The difficulty to adjust tone and life within the political perimeter is real, and now Tajol is feeling it. When Nasarudin dropped the bombshell, it was just tough to handle. Decades ago a researcher killed himself when bacteria broke out from his laboratory threatening a widespread epidemic in UK. The helplessness is not a joke.

4 In the earlier posting I joked about the fact that Perak's Menteri Besar has always been a hulu or hilir perak boys and that is not good. I dont know, it may just be true. Other places, the pulaus, the tasiks, the bukits and the gunungs are never short of comparable leaders. It could just be a little cry from boys, complaining about dad not being fair and practice favouritism.

5. What Tajol had just announced [Tajol Rosli To Quit As Gerik Umno Division Chief ] will send ripples down the line beyond the boundary of Perak especially when he/she overstays the tenure. Who say it is easy to be a leader?