Friday, January 30, 2009

BOTA WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Ali Rustam ask Nasarudin to relinquish

Lets walk down the memory lane. In an effort to teach boys and girls, teachers had resorted to simple election for class monitor beginning of the year. Some teachers held their trump card, reserving their right to select assistant class monitor of their choice. At a very tender age we play democracy as a newly found toy. The joy to raise hands in chorus when a favourite name was mentioned, was sweet.

2. Somehow teachers inserted face-saving measure in the democratic game. The candidates, or the calons had to be ushered away while raising hands and countings were carried out. Votes gathered by candidates would be rubbed out before they walk in. Oh.., the candidates had perculiar sheepish look back then.

3. As we grow older, skins get thickened and but heads not necessarily wiser. Somehow we end up being very much bolder so must so that we shift from choosing a guy or a party with ease. Ibrahim Ali is a living proof. His case is as good as given, borrowing a golf term. Kopitiam regulars point to lingamgate videographer as a another peculiar choice, wondering whether voters pick the man, the party, the gate, or the star rating of the most viewed video in Malaysia. Whatever voters said, we just have to agree and definitely a little nod and "correct,correct" will suffice. Rights belong to voters!

4. As Nasarudin Hashim hit a birdie at the 18th hole with deafening cheers from the grandstand, some guys are not too happy. Tajol Rosli has reacted in harakiri, relinquishing political post within two months. By doing so, Tajol had accepted responsibility. On the other hand, Tajol will be spared from further pain of another by election or more cross overs.

5. When Ali Rustam comes out with a strong statement, asking Bota assemblyman to let go his electoral tag and get on with a fresh mandate, we are starting a political avalanche. Perak is never the land of Pashtuns as Ali had visualised. Who else in this world had exhibited honour with religous and tribal fervour other than the Pashtuns. I suppose only the Bugis will come close. I still wonder whether Pashtun is really the root of Ali, as another kopitiam regular confidently pointed out. The legends of Sungai Manik cleansing and Birch murder proved the point that man will do what a man got to do.

6. It is nonetheless a bait, so tentalising that a quick grap will tighten and bend the rod in a sea of political baracudas. What Ali is testing is the meaning of third time lucky as Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu and Bota sit quietly in a neat row. In the end, it is the voice of Bota people that matters and their tagline "biar pape asal begaye" will be hoisted high for all tuntungs [river terrapines] to see. We got to get on with life ....

Refer: Nasaruddin Should Relinquish Assemblyman Post, Says Mohd Ali. Bernama
Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim should let go his post as Bota assemblyman following his defection to Parti Keadilan Rakyat from Umno, said Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.