Monday, January 19, 2009

DEATHS with MALAYSIAKINI: why the arabs divided over Gaza

Incidents are never stand alone kind of things. We are living in a world full of overlapping issues and incidents. Somehow, something will wriggle its way out of the storm. Lets share with malaysiakini what are these overlap of things that have moulded our life and future.

2. Those who are born in Felda Schemes could have forgotten the affirmative actions during Tun Razak era where jungles were cleared to pave way for rubber and palm oil plantations. Some original settlers are long dead to narrate the hardship they had to go through.

3. The dwellers of Shah Alam, Bangi, Kampung Tunku and Putra Heights could easily miss the virtue of Dasar Ekonomi Baru that had catapulted some of them from their original existence. Some of us fail to translate the virtue to the younger generations, so must so that the younger ones look at the benefits as something "a matter of right", or given, and they take things for granted.

4. The malays are very much divided on this issue. The malays again and again translate what they believe in as far as the economic betterment is concerned, in a clear and distinct political outlook. They reap all the benefits offered and yet they nonchalantly chooses PAS or worst still Anwar's party. We sucked mother's milk and never bother to give mum a hug. Someone else Mums are always better.

5. And it is wrong for BN to harp on this gratitude thing. Good deeds remain as that, and we cant tie or hinge it with a measurable return.

6. But thats the way democracy intended to be. The right to choose at will. Even those who went up the steps of University Malaya with a single principle at HSc refuse to admit their low achievement and claim as a matter of right to a scroll. Now they nonchalantly set chorus to someone's cry "we can live without privileges". Then i remember that little notice on glassware section of carrefour hypermart "once broken considered sold".

7. We are not the only ones to allow this cruel division to separate us. The arabs are mostly divided both geographically and in ideology, for the lack of strong and recognisable leader. Nasser was long dead.

Why the arabs
splinter over Gaza

No one laughed, but the comment could have passed for black humor. Arab leaders remain cripplingly divided on how to respond to the crisis, which has left more than 1,100 dead in Gaza. Despite a rush of diplomatic meetings — two simultaneous ones on Friday in Qatar and Kuwait, and two more expected next week — there was still no agreement on convening the Arab League, the body that is meant to bring Arabs together on issues of mutual concern [refer for full: Why the Arabs Splinter Over Gaza New York Times, United States]