Sunday, January 04, 2009

PIRATING WITH MALAYSIAKINI: waiting praise from Teresa, Anwar, Karpal, Hadi and Nik Aziz.

Pirate attack is rampant at the big mouth of the Red Sea. Somalia has been lawless for quite sometime as a result of leadership failure which give rise to tribal lords. The Gulf of Aden is like a big gate for Toll collectors [pirates?]. A quick check with malaysiakini, showed that the last time the issue appeared was somewhere in Julai 2008. Quite sometime ago.

  • from malaysiakini
  • Pirate attacks increasing, says IMB
  • Jul 12, 08 4:21pm
  • Africa remains a piracy hotspot following a spike in attacks in the second quarter of 2008, a marine watchdog said Friday, with Somali and Nigerian waters the most dangerous for seafarers.[Pirate attacks increasing, says IMB]

2. Like the rest, Malaysia come prepared to protect its interest at sea. The recent success of foiling pirate attacks was praised by Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram. The ship saved by TLDM Fennec helicopter from pirate attack was an Indian tanker. [ Malaysia thanked for foiling pirate attack ] New Straits Times . The Indian vessel's captain sent out an SOS which was picked up by the KD Sri Inderasakti.

3. Malaysians are waiting for a similar praise from Teresa, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal, Anwar, Hadi and Nik Aziz for the quick action of Malaysian navy. This is a better attitude as compared to continuous questioning of Eurocopter deal. But again politicians with legal aptitude have the inclination to cast maximum doubt on any case. That's what lawyer for. Praises is not within their make-up. I dont know, they may look utterly naked when they start praising good actions from anyone. Maybe ....