Saturday, January 17, 2009

COMMENTING MALAYSIAKINI: when politicians are shrewd as hell

One must really play
a decent game as the situation requires. It demands some sort of flexibility in thinking, action and outlook. I really like to share with malaysiakini, how politicians play in a very fluid political waters as a response to Charles Santiago whoever he maybe.

2. We ought to sympathise with some politicians for being attention seekers because thats the way they go on garnering support to clinch another upset. Rewind your political tape and see how Anwar wore white braces around his neck as he was boarding plane to Germany for a treatment [broken neck?].

3. Remember too, another tears breaking moment as Azizah announced to the whole world that his loving husband could have been poisoned with arsenic and worst still could be HIV injected in jail. The recent street political campaign of Hindraf had tried to belittle whatever effort been done to the Indians as a whole. As if malaysian Indians will perish without them! Who are these guys? This game is a reminiscence of Baling famine championed by the king of matador Anwar, decades ago.

4. Lets not forget how heroes scrambled up the stage of stardom as they championed the cause of Indians. And for all we know, these heroes may have never breath the sweet air of estates. And some of them may not even understand the reasons behind toddy addictions and women abuse, as the still air of estates are disturbed from time to time.

5. Because they dont send their sons and daughters to Tafe colleges or sekolah rendah jenis kebangsaan tamil. Because they dont appreciate the meaning of little signboards around Ijok "Boleh buang tanah disini". Some could just turn away as they cut across Buntong. Yet they come strong as the last saviour the earth would ever seen. But thats the way it is going to be. Oh, some politicians are shrewd as hell .....

6. There will be moments when they will hack issues to bleed and they have guts to squat down and ask for help as most opposition MPs would do within the cloud of political wickedness. We the voters could just be the culprits who let this shrewdnes to prolong a day longer.

refer to this heroic plea.

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