Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PROTON WITH MALAYSIAKINI: a general view of being loyal

We make endless decisions as ordinary person; as wives, as husbands, as mums, as dads, as citizens. When leaders make decision within the peripheral of loyalty, they deserve to be scrutinized as to their worth and line of thinking. Lets share with Malaysiakini what loonghui 831 has to say as posted in the star online.

Malaysians' attitude

by loonghui 831

After posting a blog entry on how I disagree with the move of state governments to change their official cars from Proton ones to foreign brands as this shows just how much Malaysians are not fond of their own country’s products, I was utterly disgusted.

The many comments made were of approval of this shame Malaysian have in their own country. Many were emotional and called me naïve for believing in local manufactured cars. I’m truly saddened and disgusted. In my previous entry, I did not say Proton cars are of the best. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t give them support. Rome was not build in one day. Having a much later start and having less funds means local cars won’t be of the same quality as the foreign brands just yet. But if we keep looking down at it, not giving any kind of support, it will never stand a chance to be even near to the automobile giants in terms of popularity and quality.

This applies to the nation as well. Being a Malaysian, it is okay to give comment so as to remind the government of anything they may have overlooked. However, being ashamed of it is 2 different things. We must show our loyalty and love towards the country as we will be the only one that will ever do that and only when we are not ashamed of it we will fight for it. How would you like to run a nation of people who doesn’t believe in their own capabilities? How would you expect us to develop when none of us are proud of our country, and are ashamed of it? How many developed nations have a population that think like us? You think the Koreans and Japanese are ashamed of their own countries?

This brings me to how we have a special and talented brain. We often ignore the advantages of being a Malaysian and only see the disadvantages. Do you know Indonesians have to pay for their education while we have the government to pay for even our textbooks and exams? Do you know our road is among the best in Southeast Asia? Do you know all you have to pay is RM5 for a clinical appointment in government hospitals? How many countries do that?

Why must we be so ashamed of our country? Would you rather be born in a third world country instead? Can we finally throw away the shame that we have and be proud of our own country? A place we were born in, grow up in, and (if you don’t choose to be the second class citizen of another nation) probably die in? I would say I’m not ashamed of Malaysia but am ashamed of Malaysians.

P/s: To those who are going to leave a comment and say I’m naïve, don’t tell me being matured or realistic means not loving your country. That’s utter bull****. Is John F. Kennedy naïve then?

And to those who won’t admit they are ashamed of their country, ask yourself again and tell me if you’ve never laughed when you are commenting on our country’s public transport/politics/economy/products. If you’ve never, I deeply respect you.

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