Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ROBBERY WITH MALAYSIAKINI: it knows no mercy in Buntong

Nobody will say being a robber is a vocation or a job. Not the way he/she wants kids to know or put in various forms kids has to fill up. With malaysiakini, lets share what is robbery in light of mercy. At some other times, we may have to prob deeper why they end up robbing people. A disease? A social disease? A sign of poor social fabrics? A sign of poor distribution of wealth?

A politician was slashed
and killed during a robbery
in his house early yesterday
when he rushed to his wife's aid.
Robbers slash politician to death
New Straits Times

Police believed the case was not politically motivated. Ipoh Barat MIC division treasurer, N. Sidambaram, 64, was attacked by six armed robbers who had broken into his house in Jalan Wayang, Buntong at about 1am.

While Sidambaram lay injured on the floor, the robbers helped themselves to drinks, ransacked the house and even scolded him for having flimsy windows in the house, before driving away in his car.

Despite suffering slash wounds to his head and arms, the MIC veteran politician crawled to the room where his wife was locked up and untied her before succumbing to his injuries.

Ipoh police chief Assistant Commissioner Azisman Alias said the burglars escaped with an undisclosed amount of jewellery, a mobile phone and a Proton Waja. No arrests have been made yet.
The robbers, said to be in their 20s, were believed to have entered the house after forcing open a window.

They entered the room where Sidambaram's wife was asleep. They bound her hands and legs and blindfolded her, before grabbing her 'thali' chain.

When they left the room, the woman started to scream and on hearing the commotion, Sidambaram, who was in another room, rushed to his wife's aid but was slashed several times by the robbers.

Sidambaram's son-in-law, K. Umaparan, 33, from Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, who rushed to Ipoh on hearing about the incident, said his father-in-law as a man of principles and a respected politician.

He said the deceased had three children who lived elsewhere. Only Sidam-baram and his wife lived in the house in Jalan Wayang.

Sidambaram, who held the post of division treasurer for 16 years, was also the president of the Ipoh Hindu Dewasthana Paripalana Sabah, an organisation which looked after two of the biggest temples in the city.