Monday, January 05, 2009

BEHIND MALAYSIAKINI: tearing Sarawak bamboo curtain?

It is more of a reason for school children to be taught history of Tanah Melayu, Malaya and Malaysia when Sim Kwang Yang wrote in Malaysiakini on tearing down the bamboo curtain. Those who frequented Borneo [an old name], dutifully submit to their sovereignty without a pause.

  • from malaysiakini
  • Sim Kwang Yang | Jan 3, 09 5:23pm
  • The banned entry of PKR MP N Gobalakrishnan into Sarawak on Christmas Eve has stirred up a mini-storm in both the Land of the Hornbills and the alternative media in West Malaysia. Once again, the question on the mind of many Malaysians is this: why should a citizen require a passport or a permit to travel to a territory within the Federation of Malaysia? Tear down Sarawak's bamboo curtain

2. It was at the height of Iraq war built-up that anyone passing through or stopping at UK and US airports was subjected to thorough physical check. Beards and hairs were scrutinized. Things inside the hand luggage were asked to be taken out and checked for bombs. Everyone [foreigners] has to take off shoes and walk bare-footed to eliminate chances of planted miniature bombs from exploding and killing thousands as it were. I suppose we simply has to abide by their laws.

3. It is quite normal for someone to make a gargling sound before spitting on the sidewalk over here. Some people dont care much what others may feel. But over there, on the land of white people one will be frown upon for spitting on sidewalks.

4. One may think that japanese are always agreeable with everybody simply because they nod perpetually. It is their way and respecting people's way, I suppose is a virtue.

5. The moment we start questioning peoples culture, language and belief, we are in deep trouble. Of course at times it is excusable for boys and girls to be jovial on sensitive issues. Remember the days when a person will sit and start ordering "a plate of flied lice please" followed by grins from his peers. That was fun. Nobody mean to hurt nobody [say it like an afro american]

6. There are alot of things we got learn out of the agreement between Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Tanah Melayu before Malaysia was formulated. I suppose guys back then were so good at negotiation skills to arrive at such a marvellous geopolitical joint venture. Lands were separated thousand miles and yet connected.

7. Then it was agreed for sabah and sarawak to catch up with the development, but at no time will their pace and interest be disturbed. Of course it has to be done that way. Otherwise sabah and sarawak will be swallowed by greedy people. And there are perculiar things like ketua hakim borneo. They have to experience being independent in the federated malaysia.

8. I suppose people like Nizar, Ngeh and Nga recognised the hairstyle of Temenggong Jugah, a colourful figure in the early days of Malaysia. I doubt if the videographer of lingamgate know who is Temenggong Jugah. Sarawakians will be mad if anybody make a hint that Temenggong Jugah probably was the official in the court of Malacca Sultanate before 1511.

9. Both Sabah and Sarawak has to be given due respect ......