Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ZAID WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Anwar can be PM but ..

It is nice to hear from Zaid after a little pause in his political pursuit as reported in Malaysiakini today. As expected, his inclination towards Anwar and PKR is very visible in the news report.

  • From Malaysiakini
  • Anwar can be PM, but needs to tone down
  • Former Umno leader Zaid Ibrahim believes that the opposition leader has what it takes to make it to the top, but advises him to change his 'grandstanding ways'.

2. As a reminder, Zaid is a politician, a lawyer and an entrepreneur. He was somewhere there in Umno political battle, then landed a Ketua Bahagian post. Somehow during corruption cleansing drive, he was found involved in some form of political negative elements. Somebody was saying things like politik wang. Action has been taken on him.

3. Then, out of nowhere he was taken on board, first being made a senator and then the Minister in charge of legal matters. Everybody was saying that zaid was Abdullah's choice. And of course he had his days, coming in strong with daily press conferences.

4. I assume zaid's statesment were abit too much that some senior ministers commented "that has not been discussed in cabinet yet..." Then things come in spasm almost a crusade, but ended with his premature departure. He befriended oppositions, then he was sacked from Umno. A brief account on zaid.

5. What he said about Anwar is absolutely true because that has been his [anwar] way ever since his crusade against famine in Baling bringing in thousands of youngsters with him. Alas, nobody did make analysis on Famine in Baling

6. Now that Zaid has taken international stage, it is worth to read his recent lengthy speech.

Speech by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim
Regional Outlook Forum organised by Institute of South East Asian Studies

1. I want to thank ISEAS and in particular Ambassador Kesavapany for this honour. Ambassador Kesavapany told me that I would have 30 minutes or so to talk about Malaysia, and since it’s a luncheon talk it would probably be light hearted and not too spirited. That will be difficult, like asking me to be on my best behaviour while in the company of Paris Hilton, but I will try.

2. Malaysia is a wonderful country and its people are among the most hospitable. If Australia is the Lucky Country, then Malaysia is the Blessed Country. Malaysia is also unique in another way. Not many countries have their Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism welcoming tourists. Many of you have visited the country and will no doubt remember the giant billboards along the highway with the imposing picture of a smiling Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism welcoming you to the country. Now of course, after March this year, you will see a new set of billboards replacing the expensive current ones. In March 2009, Malaysia will have a brand new Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and, in all likelihood, a new Minister for Tourism as well. Hopefully they will not spend too much on the billboards for they might have to change them again. [ Read Full text here Malaysia Today, Malaysia ]

I should highlight this ......

Anwar Ibrahim is a personality you are familiar with and is someone I admire immensely for his courage and tenacity. He has been the cement holding together ...