Saturday, January 31, 2009

DEMOCRACY WITH MALAYSIAKINI: MACC , a new political force.

It was during Zaid days when reforms were daily issues almost. Millions of dollars given out to sacked judges [retrenched?] as compensation to previous deeds. MACC surfaced in a hurry and now they are spreading their wings.

MACC, a new born child is heading into a familiar terrain as they stimulate the most sensitive issue. They are now trying to nip the biblical cord of political game, and soon nobody knows how will the game be played as enterprising leaders try to spread wings and influence. Lets understand why 50 or so youths staged a peaceful demo in front of their own political house, Umno Hq. Then one may ask oneself, with the newly found independence, who will MACC refer to and check before they do and act on somethings?

50 stage protest
outside Umno HQ

The star online
Kuala Lumpur
Friday 30.1.2009

About 50 people gathered outside the Umno headquarters where the party’s supreme council was meeting to stage a protest against the Umno disciplinary council and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com­mission’s (MACC) arrest of party members.

The group, said to be Umno Youth members, arrived at 8pm holding placards and banners at the main entrance of Menara Dato’ Onn and shouted their demands as party leaders arrived.

The placards and banners read: “Lembaga disiplin sudah nyanyuk,” “Jangan ambil hak ahli Umno” and “Kami menolak SPRM, boleh blah.” (Disciplinary board is senile; Don’t usurp Umno member’s right: We reject the MACC: butt out)

When Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi arrived at 8.35pm, the group presented a memorandum to him.

Among its contents was a protest against Umno disciplinary board chairman Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithauddeen’s suggestion that the main wings of the party be abolished and on the alleged beating of Umno members during interrogation by MACC officers.

Zuraidi Abd Rahim, who claimed to be a delegate from Baling, said the group represented about 2,500 Umno Youth delegates nationwide.

He claimed that 39 party members in Pahang were called for interrogation by the commission, alleging that some of them were beaten.

“Two or three of them have lodged police reports,” he said, adding that the reports were attached to the memorandum.

Zuraidi said party grassroots were hoping the leadership would listen to their plea and make the necessary changes. [50 stage protest outside Umno HQ Malaysia Star]