Thursday, January 01, 2009

FREEHOLD WITH MALAYSIAKINI: state of Perak versus federal.

this is the most interesting tug of war between the demand and the will to see it through shown by state of Perak and the federal government. Malaysiakini had reported a glimpse of the tussle. Giving out land titles has long been an effective political handouts, because it perpetuate the feeling of thank you very much, a sort of gratitude.

2. The greater the feeling of gratitude created, the more the chance of creating a circle of supporters. Some may jump over the political fence as a result of this. It depends on how much they play out the issue.

3. As a starter, the Pakatan rakyat led perak government had issued out 11 land titles to residents of Kampung Baru Kuala Rui in Gerik. Politically it was a threatening move, because Gerik is the stronghold of former menteri besar Tajol Rosli. Ngeh, a lawyer himself stressed that everything was done legally and even suggested that Najib has erred in his legal opinion.

4. To break the racial sentiments of issuing land titles to kampung baru settlers, Ngeh went to the extent of racial clarification. He noted that, 10 other plots in a Tanjong Rimbun cluster farming scheme were given out to malay farmers. I guess the racial line is very thin on this issue.

5. Then we have to wait a while longer to see the whole agenda through; 47,000 lot owners in 134 new villages and 102,000 lot owners in 349 planned villages eligible for automatic conversion of their titles from leasehold. The breakdown in racial composition will be very interesting to all.

6. Years ago, hudud became the issue in a long drawn tussle between state and federal. Religous matters as land issues are very much within state's domain. Hudud cant see the light in Pas led states. Land titles had surpassed the first hurdle. Lands suddenlybecome an interesting issue, both alluring and damaging.

7. To some, memories of Tanah Melayu is strong AS EVER and God knows how much longer the memories will withstand the pressure of politics as an eroding agent. An old friend, who had seen the days of Lytham St Annes, wish Nizar the engineered [?] menteri besar the best of luck in this potentially dangerous endeavour.