Friday, January 02, 2009

PLAYTIME WITH MALAYSIAKINI: ahli politik main-main.

The rest of us
are busy with the rising cost of living. Some are sitting in full fear when is the time for retrenchment. When hafiz yatim reported on graft cases against big guns to test MACC in Malaysiakini, then I thought some of us are really childish. That will include me as well definitely.

Graft cases against big guns lodged to test MACC
Hafiz Yatim | Jan 2, 09 1:01pm
breaking news updated 6.50pm The report contains a slew of cases involving top politicians to test the newly-minted Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC).

2. It was like yesterday when a ruler cautioned on politics. HRH said at times politics are a little bit overboard. Interesting because we, the little folks out of humility had send them on board. Now they are playing cat and mouse game. They humiliate us.[Raja Nazrin: Rise above pride, greed New Straits Times, Malaysia]

3. MACC to them is a little test. This phenomena is definitely as a result of exam oriented school system that we inherit decades ago. Everything is a test and being tested. Even the patience of Tuan Yang diPertua Dewan is also tested continuously. The other day, Hudud was played like chess. Lands were freeholded for a tease. Bus station was sensationalised beyond comprehension. Over the horizon, kenyalangs are fighting off the ugly looking vultures. Gamuda, railway lines, drawings, approvals and fees are treated with ease as if everythings are toys. Our beautiful land was visited by the ghost of SINN FEIN as IRA is trading skills and wits with the local folks here, as Hindraf is about to be abandoned and left behind.

4. Therefore the way they go now is all about the battle of wits........ yes, some do thrive on a little bit of exposure in media. Years ago, one or two even went to the extent of standing in front of armoured truck! A hero willing to die to save mankind.

5. Like another one who has the cheek to sue because she thought Madam S mentioned in a short story refer to Madam Susan. Some folks thought madam S is just madam Silly. Some even went further, Madam S is Madam Senget.

6. Now the way Israel played up bombing as prelude to their coming elections really make sense. The way Margarret Tatcher send their biggest ship to defend Falkland Islands against ailing Argentina gave some meaning. She stayed at 10 Downing Street much longer as a result. Dont miss the way Bush junior hammered Iraq to shambles just to stay another term in the big white house. History are made that way over centuries; games , deaths and misery.

7. Some politicians are experiencing a slow death of their own making. They dont even realised it. Some I think should get rid of this damaging "testing" and 'publicity' syndrome. It is a bit too much and very childish.