Saturday, January 03, 2009

FIRE WITH MALAYSIAKINI Ana bekhair, shokran! Teresa

I guess it is the way we handle democracy
that make us different compared to some other countries. Remember the younger days when we play for hours with a new toy until it is broken. Abdullah allowed it to flow along the murky river. There is no reinforced embankments to control the flow and the bank is about to give way. Lets not talk with malaysiakini about water now, fire is more interesting.

2. Water can get us drowned but fire can make us burnt. Ana bekhair, shokran my dear Teresa as boys and girls were seen crying in pain in Ghaza. Arabic has pronounced gutral sounds and thus make everyone who speak arabic stronger than normal. There is fire in the language and there is fire in their temperament too. But I am fine here, thanks, dear Teresa.

3. I was watching a war movie on Bosnian War the other day, with american soldiers playing double sword kind of fighting. I guess world is not played as fair as what little folks want it to be. Then a man in that movie was seen saying "i dont care if i have to kill a thousand to save him". At a more sombre hour, another guy will narrate the same moment as "i would rather kill a man to save a thousand lives"

4. Palestine may just have to live with it, playing with fire and lives. Israel will do what they have to do, to keep fire glowing. Khairy had said it, in a way almost similar to Anwar decades ago. But then, Anwar shouted louder. What are we going to do dear Teresa?

Ana bekhair, shokran my dear teresa.