Saturday, January 03, 2009

FREE WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Freedom eating freedom.

I saw Andy Murphy just now doing his usual bit in one of his political movie. How he cornered every single soul as a congressman. A plan and another counter plan. A laughter is good early in the morning when so many would probably still in bed after a lengthened new year party. Lets share with malaysiakini what we think. It is a free country, and thats why kids can cycle for miles up just to submit a memo to the parliament. Of course some may push us aside for being stupid or idiotic, but it is the cummulative sum of idiots that send them to the Dewan Undangan or Parliament. Not everyone can be a Lee Lam Thye.

2. It is a free country too, when one can write a good story line with beneficial lessons to all and still got yourself sued. It is free for one to do anything, and it is free also for affected party to sue. It is a free head on collision. It is nice and thats what malaysia needs to get out or stay submerged in this black political mud pool.

3. While still in euphoria with freedom, lets not forget about those entrusted to look after and control freedom so that it doesnt die overdosed. Is our freedom about to be overdosed? Thats the main reason for police and army to be respected and treated with dignity. The court and its official must not be kicked around like dirt. How do you like to see your own dad, at the pinnacle of his career treated by some others as if he is so corrupted. Lingamgate to some give birth to Judicial reforms but to some others lingamgate is freedom overdosed 100 times. Even judicial reforms cant handle another lingamgate or anwarbackgate or Limstreetgate or kapaldeckgate or hadihududgate or anything at all. Because freedom will eat freedom. A white blood cell is about to kill its own brother red cell.

4. As HRH Nazrin said, a little bit overboard these politicking. When Bad, the guy who almost got Khairy's ambition stunted come out with a test for MACC, then I know what HRH Nazrin means.

5. Somehow we have to wait a million year more to see the birth of another Lee Lam Thye, for those folks had voted may be too busy with their own Astro reality cheap publicity show. Their knives are six bladed.