Monday, December 01, 2008

MUMBAI: Trident Oberoi’s security guard acted like a commando

New Delhi, Nov 30: Inside the terror-hit Oberoi (Trident), there was one of the hotel staff who worked almost like a commando and helped the NSG in knowing the landmark hotel.

Security Officer Rajesh, perfectly secured by a bullet-proof jacket and a helmet, helped the NSG commandos to understand the topography of the hotel as he knew the building like the back of his hand.

"The operations were already suffering because we did not know about the passages inside the hotel. Rajesh voluntarily came forward and offered us his expertise," a top commander, leading the operation, on the condition of anonymity said.

It was very selfless of him to have made such a courageous offer. But we made sure that he was completely secure and we took him only where there was no danger, the officer said.

The security officer remained with us all through the operation and detailed us about all the leeways, corridors, ante-rooms and passages of the hotel.

"All of us are really thankful to him... kudos to his courage and conviction," another officer, who assisted the commander, said.

At the Taj, a bunch of commandos was flummoxed as the terrorists were jumping from one floor to the other lobbing grenades to mislead the black cats of their correct position.

"We then laid a bait for them. We started throwing the grenades in the vicinity of their possible location and subsequently zeroed in on their correct position," a commando, who got minor splinter injuries on his chest, said.

"It was a wonderful mind game," he said.

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